Luján: Complejo Museográfico Provincial Enrique Udaondo: El Museo Colonial e Historico [Enrique Udaondo Provincial Museum Complex: The Colonial and Historical Museum]

Continuing the whirlwind tour of my whirlwind tour of museums in Luján, this is the El Museo Colonial e Historico in the Complejo Museográfico Provincial Enrique Udaondo:

I was clearly snapping photos on the move that day, but try to forgive me, as I was also trying to limit the number of tourists in my shots and the square was lousy with them.

The museum is comprised of the oldest buildings in the province, if my obscenely poor Spanish serves, and so provides some lovely examples of colonial era architecture.

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It also provides examples of a variety of historical thingamajigs.

Mates and bombillas have not changed much.


The drawing is of national hero and father of the nation General José de San Martín, so I thiiiiiiiiink epaulets and sword are his?
“Without education, we will never be more than we unfortunately are.” Although there doesn’t seem to be a really good translation for “desgraciadamente.” Yes, this is a library catalog.
OUCH OH MY GOD WHY (it’s a cilice)

There’s old-timey science!


Old-timey medicine did not fuck around. Do not confuse the orange blossom water for the morphine syrup.

And the requisite haunted doll.

“Come play at the river with me….”

It’s a thoughtful, wide-ranging museum, and it includes some comparisons between olden times and modern ones. Ever a fan of interactivity in museums, I was pleased to see a wall that invited visitors to write down what they see in an old painting of a young child.


Veered off topic a bit in places.
There is no place Argentines won’t leave political graffiti.

Speaking of political scribbles!  A lesson in political cartoons:


Political cartoon, 1822. “If you thought that political cartoons were a new thing, now we see they are not…”

And, very pleasantly, a comparison of family life and marriage, which includes, for modern examples, two married men and a bi-racial family.  It also talks about how the idea of what constitutes “women’s work” has changed.

There’s more there!  It’s really a lovely, thoughtful history museum and worth a visit.  It’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays except for previously arranged guided tours.  There is a entry fee, and I can’t remember how much it is, but it was inexpensive.

2 thoughts on “Luján: Complejo Museográfico Provincial Enrique Udaondo: El Museo Colonial e Historico [Enrique Udaondo Provincial Museum Complex: The Colonial and Historical Museum]

  1. Fatima January 7, 2020 / 11:12 am

    Buenos días! Quiero consultar si el museo Enrique udaondo se encuentra abierto en estas fechas para ser visitado. Agradecería su respuesta.


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