Tinytour: Paseo de las Esculturas [Promenade of Sculptures]

Boedo is not a neighborhood that draws the tourism of a Palermo, but there are some cool things there, not the least of which is the feeling of visiting a non-tourist-centric barrio.  It’s an old working-class area that drew a lot of immigrants, and Boedo has a rich history in socialist and anarchist politics, artistic movements (particularly left-wing and literary), and tango (for a brief primer in English, go here).

If you find yourself in Boedo (and you might, there are tango shows and historic cafes also there), take a bit of time to visit the main drag (Avenida Boedo) and the few blocks of sculptures installed along it.


There are some neat ones, and you know you’re in a quality place when there’s art just lying around on the street.


I was intensely curious about the relation of the leaf to the body, so here’s the back.

So go check out the museums, pop into Cafe Margot, and appreciate the sculpture.

This one is my faaaaaaaaaavorite.

The Paseo de las Esculturas is comprised of 20 works along Av Boedo between San Juan and Independencia.  It’s easily accessible by subway (the E line).

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