Espacio Fundación Telefónica: Houdini. Las Leyes del Asombro [Telefónica Foundation Center: Houdini, Laws of Astonishment]

The Espacio Fundación Telefónica is the community cultural center for a multinational communications company, Telefónica.  It hosts workshops and small but nicely curated exhibits, such as this Houdini one, which recently finished its run.  It only took about 45 minutes to see everything, and while it was light on Houdini-related artifacts, it did have some pretty cool vintage magic and illusion objects, as well as a good layout and use of its small space.  Houdini’s biography was presented and given some contemporary context, and the signs were in both Spanish and English.  It was free, fun, and interesting.  Here’s my photos.  Sorry this is so short, but I need a nap.


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